Plan Your Black Friday

I’ll admit I get a sadistic pleasure out of going shopping on Black Friday. Not at 5 am, though. I just like to see all the crazy people. But if you’re making a list and checking it twice, many retailers’ sale circulars have already made it online. Here are some sites that feature Black Friday […]

Two Top Execs Leave Deutsch. What’s The Big Idea?

From Adweek: Deutsch said it is parting ways with two of its longtime top executives: chief creative officer Kathy Delaney and director of account planning Jeffrey Wolf, who are leaving to “pursue other interests.” The New York agency is believed to be interviewing a shortlist of candidates to replace both executives. The moves come after […]

Hire An Eisner Refugee

Coming on the heels of Eisner Communications’ sudden shutdown, former Eisner Senior Interactive Developer Bob Berkebile has started The Voice of Eisner, a site where employers can post their job listings and Ex-Eisner folks can post their resumes. A very nice idea.

LL Bean Drops JWT, Turns Dean Gemmell Into A Prophet

From Adweek: JWT is splitting with L.L. Bean, 14 months after the WPP Group shop landed creative duties on the brand, the agency confirmed. JWT in New York produced one TV spot for the client but little else as the client spent less than expected, said sources. I distinctly recall how our friend Dean Gemmell […]

Parents Sue Starbucks Because Hot Chocolate Is Hot

It’s outrageous! Egregious! Ridiculous! From The Indianapolis Star: A Hancock County couple have filed a lawsuit against Starbucks, accusing a Fishers store of serving scalding hot chocolate that seriously burned their little girl. Michael and Alexis Brennan filed the suit Tuesday in Marion Superior Court on behalf of their daughter, Rachel. Rachel’s age is not […]


Looks like NBC wants to get into the admaking biz, too. From Businessweek: NBC Universal: ad agency. Or it will be, sort of. Its new digital czar, Beth Comstock, and her staffers are approaching key advertisers with a simple yet far-reaching proposition: Let our digital studios create some advertising for you. In other words, although […]

The Columbus Dispatch Outsources Its Admaking To India

Holy smokes. Could this be the start of something big? From The Columbus Dispatch, reporting on itself: The Dispatch Printing Company has contracted with an Elgin, Ill., graphic-design company to create ads for The Dispatch’s advertising clients, allowing for greater efficiency and more rapid turnaround. About 90 positions will be eliminated as a result of […]

Madscam: Long On Common Sense, Short On Cursing

I’ve been eager to get my hands on a copy of the always salty and entertaining George Parker’s (of Adscam and Adhurl fame) new book Madscam: Kick-Ass Advertising Without The Madison Avenue Price Tag. It arrived from Amazon yesterday, and while I haven’t read it cover to cover, I can give you a heads up […]