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Ad-Stimulated Moments of Truth Explored in Marketing eBook From Google Exec

According to The New York Times, Winning the Zero Moment of Truth is a new eBook by Jim Lecinski, Google’s Managing Director of US Sales & Service. In a phone interview with the Times, Mr. Lecinski explained that the title is a play on a phrase that is beloved by Procter & Gamble, “the first […]

Community Managers, This One’s For You

Laura Fitton’s firm, oneforty, realized that the growing complexity in managing social media marketing programs was a problem in need of a solution. “We saw painful-looking improvised solutions – spreadsheets, docs, project management software – stretched to their breaking point to try to coordinate social programs,” says Fitton. “When we realized we could help – […]

Bring Your Big Ideas To Boulder

Do you have a big idea that will change the world for the better? Do you have the support you need to bring it to life? If you answered yes to the former and no to the latter, you’ll want to be in Boulder on August 19th. That’s the day budding social entrepreneurs will have […]

Will We Forever Be Playing the Popularity Game?

Ad Age reporter Matthew Creamer takes a good look at Edelman’s entry into the online influence game, currently dominated by Klout. First, Creamer takes Klout apart: Why ascribe so much power to a service that isn’t much more than a tabulation of how many followers and retweets you have? The all-too-human explanation goes like this: […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: ISITE Design Invests In New Digs

ISITE Design, a digital agency headquartered in Portland, has purchased a 63-year-old building in an industrial area of the city, and is now busy renovating the 18,000 square foot space. The renovation is being managed by Siteworks. “These are people who are sucked into their computer screens eight to 10 hours a day,” said Siteworks […]

Independents Drink Tennessee Whiskey

A bottle of Jack Daniels, a letterpress shop in Knoxville and a man on banjo all help to paint the brand red, white and blue in this new campaign from Arnold Worldwide’s Boston office. Of course, craft is a popular subject today. Brands from Levi’s to Dodge are painting Made in America pictures that tug […]

I’m Grateful for the Push Up Paid Content Mountain

Climbing Paid Content Large Mountain is no joke. It takes training, strategy and a will to go on in the face of adversity. That’s why I’m so grateful for the help AdPulp readers provided during our Journalism Fund campaign, which ended last night. Cecilia Doan, Matt Graff, John January, Jeff Hardison, Steffan Postaer, Daniel Wood, […]

Stretch The Possibilities, Hire A Copywriter

My friend Doug Lowell has recently chosen to transition from agency principal to freelance copywriter. He also started a new blog, as one way to promote his offerings. The title of the blog, “Doug Lowell Is A Copywriter” is certainly to the point (I’m sure The Google will agree). While the new site features Doug’s […]