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Cannes Young Lion Competition Underway

Cannes Young Lion Competition released its campaign brief last Friday night, which led aspiring filmmakers the world over to rush to make a spot for Save The Children in just 48 hours. The ones who did are now tasked with getting their videos seen and voted on, so they can jet to the south of […]

Bill On Value, Hold Your Head High And Create Intellectual Property

How many of you consider yourselves to be consultants? I’m guessing almost all of you are consultants. Sure, your business card says Creative Director or Account Executive or Media Buyer, but in the broadest sense of the term, all of those jobs are consulting roles. With that in mind, let’s consider some interesting points made […]

Something’s Wrong. But What?

Last Sunday evening we went live with a crowdfunding campaign on So far, we’ve raised zero dollars. Naturally, it’s humbling to realize one’s appeal is a big fat flop. I was pretty disappointed on Monday and Tuesday, but by yesterday I’d resolved to let it be a lesson to me, and to not give […]

New Tool In American Express OPEN’s Small Business Toolbelt

American Express OPEN has launched AdManager, another product meant to help small business owners manage their online marketing. AdManager is the second marketing application in their Business Apps suite. The first was SearchManager, an online solution for managing paid search campaigns across all major search ad networks. AdManager simplifies the inherently onerous process by offering […]

The Biggest Internet IPO Since Google’s In 2004

The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Business Insider are all closely watching LinkedIn’s initial public offering today. LinkedIn’s IPO, which priced last night at $45 a share, has more than doubled in early trading, to prices north of $90 a share. Which means LinkedIn’s valuation shot to roughly $8.5 billion in a […]

People “Like” You, But Do They Also Buy From You?

According to Debra Aho Williamson, a principal analyst at eMarketer, “the message still hasn’t sunk in: Likes are not a gauge of consumer involvement with your company or brand. But companies still insist on touting their total just like they touted “hits” back in the early days of the web.” Williamson also advises companies to […]

We’re Number 32, But We Try Harder

Adrants and Adverblog are still way ahead of us, but I’m pleased to see that Brand Republic ranks AdPulp #32 in a newly released list of the best advertising, marketing, media, PR and digital blogs from around the world. Working with Brandwatch, Brand Republic ranked the blogs by influence using an algorithm that weighted factors […]

Some Brands Need To Brand Themselves As Great Employers

You’d think that in this economy, employers wouldn’t have to make a huge effort to attract candidates. Not so, according to an article in The Wall Street Journal: Candidates such as chemists and businesspeople sometimes assumed that PepsiCo only had roles for individuals with experience in the food-and-beverage industry, said Paul Marchand, vice president of […]