Archives for January 2011

Content Producers Need Lots of Processing Power

If you were Intel, how would you market your 2nd Generation Core i5 Processor? Please tell me you answered, “With content!” See more at And if you have yet to feast on The Sartorialist, get your eyeballs over there.

The Yellow Book Adds Some Services To Its Pallete

Did you know that the Yellow Book is now a marketing services provider? I didn’t.

Over-Promise At Your Own Peril

Do you have clients who insist on over-promising to their customers? Seth Godin, for one, doesn’t like it. Godin mentions Delta in his post, so I went out and found a Delta ad to illustrate his points (even though Delta is merely an example here). Here’s the crux of Godin’s argument: The problem is this: […]

Brands Are Not Yet Social, But The People Who Love Them Are

Harvard Business Review Analytics Services on behalf of SAS surveyed 2100 companies and found that just 12% of the companies surveyed believed they were currently effective users of social media, according to Media Post’s Social Graf blog. …almost nine out of ten respondents relegated themselves to the “ineffective” pile. But this is hardly surprising in […]

Wintertime Is Fun Time In Minnesota

Colle+McVoy created “ovens” equipped with real heat, where common bus shelter’s once stood, to showcase hot new menu items at Caribou Coffee.

“Strut Your Stuff” Taken Literally By Members Of

Want to land a job that pays over $100,000? Join the club. If I understand this spot correctly, is no longer just a high end job board, it’s a life skills coach that offers classes in pole dancing. According to Adfreak, Ladders members competed to be included in the ads. Says Fallon’s David Sigel: […]

The World Is Your Canvas

In its first work for The Art Institutes, David&Goliath unveils a white space concept that says, “there is opportunity everywhere” to aspiring designers, chefs and media pros. Of course, a blank canvas can also be terribly intimidating, but that part of the deal isn’t revealed here. It’s just white space as fun time.