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Rocket Scientists Like The VAIO

The first rocket to reach the moon had less computing power than today’s Sony VAIO notebook. Which raised the question: can a Sony VAIO laptop with Intel processors launch a rocket into space? To test the premise, 180LA paired eight brilliant high school students with Tom Atchison, founder of Rocket Mavericks, using Sony VAIO laptops […]

Kodak Believes It’s Time For A “Printervention”

In new DRTV and DRDTV (Direct Response Digital TV) spots, Kodak and Deutsch continue the “Print and Prosper” campaign that works to expose the crime of high-priced printer ink. This ad seems makes fun of direct response advertising, while simultaneously embracing it and putting the time-honored pitchman to work for the brand. Visit Kodak Save […]

Freelance Journalism Is Goin’ Mobile

The media upheaval of the last decade has left many journalists without permanent work homes. But they’re still looking for ways to ply their trade. The New York Times looks at one effort that’s taking advantage of the new mobile society: The magazine, called Nomad Editions and created by a New York start-up of the […]

My Inbox Is Gonna Keep On Keepin’ On

In my current copywriting gig, I write a lot of sales-related e-mails on behalf of clients. So it’s not lost on me that people feel flooded with irrelevant e-mails, or simply ignore a ton of them. I’ve also taken notice that quick posts on Facebook and Twitter have reduced the amount of personal e-mails I […]

Fast Times At Advertising High

I stumbled onto studying advertising mid-way through college. I don’t think it occurred to me in high school that advertising would be a career option. But Minneapolis agency OLSON is reaching out to high schoolers in an attempt to both diversify the business and get young folks interested in advertising. From The Minneapolis Star-Tribune: BrandLab […]

Nash Brings His Playmaking Ability To Another Arena

According to Ad Age, Phoenix Suns basketball star Steve Nash and Deutsch’s Michael Duda are opening a marketing consultancy firm dubbed Consigliere. The firm is armed with a $20 million investment fund, which it will use to take stakes in start-up companies. Nash and Duda want entrepreneurs to consider marketing not as an afterthought, but […]

Alex Leaves His Company, Ends Up In Fast Company

Now Fast Company is taking a closer look at Alex Bogusky’s decision to leave CP&B. It’s been getting lots of press–BusinessWeek ran a feature last week. Still, it’s hard to resist Danielle Sacks’ article, entitled, Alex Bogusky Tells All: He Left the World’s Hottest Agency to Find His Soul. She got to spend a good […]

The City Of Brotherly Mad Men

Philadelphia isn’t all that far from Madison Avenue, literally and figuratively. And in The Philadelphia Inquirer, there’s a look back at the era of “Mad Men” in the city: Gene Shay, 75, started out as a copywriter for Firestone & Associates while simultaneously spinning records on local radio. One story he tells illustrates that even […]