Alex Leaves His Company, Ends Up In Fast Company

Now Fast Company is taking a closer look at Alex Bogusky’s decision to leave CP&B. It’s been getting lots of press–BusinessWeek ran a feature last week. Still, it’s hard to resist Danielle Sacks’ article, entitled, Alex Bogusky Tells All: He Left the World’s Hottest Agency to Find His Soul. She got to spend a good bit of time with him:

Instead of talking brands, Bogusky riffed on the inequities of Wall Street, the flaws of corporate structure, and the need for social and environmental transparency. He was a man released, trying on the clothes of a new and as yet undefined life. “I’ve freed myself from Crispin,” he exhaled. Who was this person? I wondered. I wasn’t the only one asking the question. “I have to go figure out, What the fuck is Alex?” Bogusky spilled, as if I were his therapist. “I don’t know.”

I asked Bogusky if I could chronicle him on this journey, have in on the enlightenment and the confusion. Given that we live in a world of open confession, and that no one is more in tune with the zeitgeist than Bogusky, I wasn’t surprised that he said yes.

It’s quite a lengthy read–and for those of us who are back at our desks on Monday morning at 9:00, it’ll have to be bookmarked for later. But it looks good.
UPDATE: I just read the whole thing. It’s a really good profile, not a typical puff-piece, and worth reading all the way through. And Alex has posted a response.
On a side note: I was surprised, in a good way, to learn that our friend Bob Knorpp of The BeanCast assumed the identity of BogusBogusky on Twitter. Now that Alex has left CP&B, Bob stopped tweeting. But go back and read some of the tweets, they’re hysterical. And folks at Crispin were sure it was an inside job, but Bob had no knowledge of the goings-on at the agency.



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