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Multi-Platform Ad Manager Needed By Local Advertisers

I should be reading about Cannes and relaying said information here. After all, what kind of ad blogger am I? I think you know by now, I’m the ad blogger who doesn’t give a shit about Cannes. Thankfully, there is a multitude of other ad-related things to care about. Doug Perlson, CEO of RealDirect, cares […]

More Slick Advertising From Spirit Airlines

They’re not subtle, are they? At least they’re consistently tacky.

Will Mazda Get Another Enfatico?

The key takeaway in Adweek’s story about Mazda picking WPP to handle its business: After strategic presentations last month, client executives narrowed their focus to the WPP team and the Omnicom team led by DDB, said sources. WPP is expected to create a dedicated unit to service the account. The pick is not surprising. WPP […]

Ron Huey Sells His Agency, Joins Buyer In Sports & Entertainment Arena

Ron Huey, wrote this morning to say huey+partners has joined forces with CSE-a leading sports and entertainment agency. I asked Huey how the deal come about, and if it might be yet another sign that the old ad agency model is lacking in several key ways. “Unlike many, I don’t believe the “ad agency is […]

Put Yourself In Scoring Position

Curt Hanke is the co-founder and account director of Shine in Madison, WI. Shine works on the Wisconsin Cheese account, among others. Hanke is also one of Ad Age’s many guest writers plucked from the agency pool. But he’s one with something to say and a knack for saying it. Picking up on Nike’s 10th […]

Evan Williams Wants To Spread The Word

Evan Williams is the second-best selling Bourbon in the U.S. It is produced by Bardstown, KY-based Heaven Hill Distilleries, and made under the careful supervision of Heaven Hill’s father and son Master Distillers, Parker and Craig Beam, who represent the sixth and seventh generations, respectively, of the most famous family in American Whiskey. Yet, the […]

Text A Ten Spot To NWF

As bad as the BP gusher is for the economy, wildlife and the ecosystem in the Gulf, it’s a fund raising opportunity for groups like National Wildlife Federation. I have no problem with that, in fact, I’m prepared to send them $10 via text. My question to you is this: does the ease and immediate […]

TV Isn’t The Lone Superpower, But It’s Still A Superpower

Here’s some sweet music to every old school advertising person’s ears: PricewaterhouseCoopers projects ad spending on total U.S. TV will grow to $80.3 billion in 2014 from $62.1 billion in 2009, surpassing its previous high in 2006 of nearly $70 billion. According to Ad Age, the disruptive digital trends which dominate the pages of the […]