Ron Huey Sells His Agency, Joins Buyer In Sports & Entertainment Arena

Ron Huey, wrote this morning to say huey+partners has joined forces with CSE-a leading sports and entertainment agency.
I asked Huey how the deal come about, and if it might be yet another sign that the old ad agency model is lacking in several key ways.
“Unlike many, I don’t believe the “ad agency is dead,” he said. “But the ones that will survive and thrive obviously have to evolve and differentiate themselves. No harm in being called an ad agency as along as you build out your capabilities and have a distinct point of difference.”
CSE’s distinct point of difference is sports and entertainment marketing. Huey believes that kind of tight focus helps with new business efforts. He’s also excited about the fact that CSE owns a production facility in Little Rock, AR where they produce fishing shows for ESPN, among other media.
“We have the equipment and talent in Little Rock to shoot and produce at a fraction of the cost,” said Huey. Given the increased need for web video, it does sound like a big advantage to not only be prepared to concept, but also to produce, a show for a client.
“Our facilities give us great efficiencies regarding any type of broadcast production” Huey added.



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