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Physical Comedy For the Win

TrackPack PA, part of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, turned to Machinery in Philadelphia to help bring a younger crowd out to the race track.

Big Omaha Is A Big Deal

OMAHA–The Old Market is alive with creative people today as the second annual Big Omaha conference kicks into high gear. According to the event organizer, Silicon Prairie News, “there’s a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs who are passionately making their mark on our community and Big Omaha is for them.” Despite last night’s opening […]

Brownstein Shows Big Time CDs How Online Advertising Works, Lands Job

Alec Brownstein came up with a brilliant way to get the attention of the creative directors that he wanted to work for–he bought their names as search terms on Google, knowing that people will invarably Google themselves. When the CDs Brownstein targeted did, in fact, Google themselves, his paid result which appeared at the top […]

Here’s One Way To Make Starbucks Execs See Red

Seattle’s Best Coffee has a new brand identity and to celebrate Seattle-based Creature and the Zeno Group collaborated to help the brand take over the iconic Starbucks building in Seattle. Overnight on May 11, a clandestine team wrapped the famous Starbucks Siren in the new logo. By the way, Starbucks owns Seattle’s Best Coffee, so […]

Adobe Is In A Love-Hate Relationship With Apple

Adobe is taking out some banner ads on the New York Times today to address the HTML5-Flash controversy. This one got juxtaposed with an unfortunate news story, however. The ads click through to a statement from the company and an open letter from Adobe’s founders.

Brands Have A Story To Tell And The Perfect Place To Tell It

According to Reuters organizations have been spending an increasing proportion of their marketing budgets on their own websites instead of on external media. Chuck Richard, lead analyst at information advisory and research firm Outsell, says companies now spend more than half their online marketing budgets on their own sites. “It’s been 50 percent or more […]

Odwalla Puts Juice Fans In The Spotlight

Odwalla will have a presence at Bonnaroo next month, as they did at Coachella last month. But a brand like Odwalla needs more than a sampling booth, they need an interactive experience that creates buzz with their fans. Starting this week, fans of the brand can audition to be a performer in the Odwalla Fresh […]

Spilling the Brand Promise

Other than our fearless editor, I don’t know too many people who are boycotting BP. I don’t see a mass outrage over the spill. Still, could they ever go back to foisting this campaign on the public? I think the ad industry, by pumping this image, fares worse than BP ever will. While it’s true […]