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Can You Argue With Parsons?

Four minutes into the video above CEO Bob Parsons says, “Most advertising is not interesting. It’s like a fat guy, it’s not offensive, everybody likes him but he doesn’t get much action. Our ads, maybe they’re a little offensive, a little in your face, but they work and they work in spades.”

“Have A Big American Dumb Fun Day”

You have to sit through this entire video of ad analysis before Barbara Lippert of Adweek encourages us to “have a big American dumb fun day.” She also thinks talking babies are funny. Barbara.

No Exploding Monkeys In The Google Bowl

John Battelle, who wrote the book on Google, believes this ad will run during the big game today. I can’t find the ad in this lineup of SuperBowl advertisers, but I’d not be surprised if Google had asked CBS to keep their name out of the pre-game hype (my source was told Google was keeping […]

Mile High Meditations

“You tell me it’s the institution Well, you know You better free you mind instead” -The Beatles Last month, we reported on MDC Partners’ plan to “sprinkle some Bogusky dust” on the rest of the company’s holdings. Given that Alex Bogusky’s new post and title, Chief Creative Insurgent, could be anxiety-inducing for some of the […]

AdPulp, Like Every Business, Needs Money To Make Money

Hugh MacLeod of GapingVoid says, “Blogs work SUPERBLY if you have great content.” Which makes me think, maybe AdPulp doesn’t have great content, because this site doesn’t work SUPERBLY. It works, but not SUPERBLY. Hugh also says, “It’s OK to sell something on your blog. I LIKE selling stuff via the blog. Sure beats making […]

DIY Super Bowl Ad Analysis

See YouTube’s Super Bowl page for the full experience.

Spotlight On NW Creative: Black Tonic

Portland startup Black Tonic is offering creative professionals exactly what they need–greater control of remote creative presentations. Black Tonic presenters can modify the presentation material on-the-fly and choose in real-time what the audience sees on the presentation web page. Co-founder David Price says, “Clients see only what presenters are putting in front of them, and […]

Powerball The Liberator

This is weird. I always thought gambling addiction was a ball and chain situation, but that’s not the case according to Colorado Lottery and their agency, Cactus. For here we have a man who is chained to his workday doldrums. You guessed it, the man is freed by a giant red ball that drops from […]