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Where’s Your Wild, Almost Naive Ambition?

In July 2008, Sarah Lacy wrote the following words of wisdom about the importance of place to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Every center of innovation needs a cocktail of things: -wild, almost naive ambition -money -a culture of risk taking -a social scene where Valley-like serendipitous moments can happen. (You know, stuff like: Oh, hey! I […]

B.C. Stars Star In Ad for B.C.

British Columbia is an awesome place, unlike any other. It’s the kind of place that really doesn’t need advertising. But it’s getting some anyway. [via Adweek]

On Friday, Paid Content Comes To YouTube

According to The Wall Street Journal, YouTube will begin testing a new online video service on Friday, entering the rental turf of other technology giants such as Apple Inc., Inc. and Netflix Inc. YouTube will begin testing the service with five movies from the Sundance Film Festival. It plans to later expand its rental […]

SCOTUS Decides To Open Up The Floodgates For Advertising

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about a pending Supreme Court Decision that would allow corporations and unions to spend more freely to influence political races. Well they decided in favor of the corporations and unions. Here’s The Washington Post report: The Supreme Court threw out a 63-year-old law designed to restrain the influence […]

Make A Place For Product Development In Your Portfolio

We all know how clients can up and split. Well, the same is true for new and ambitious groups lodged within an old school New York agency. According to Ad Age, McCann Worldgroup is launching a tech unit called Split to create a new revenue stream for holding company Interpublic Group of Cos. Split is […]

Sears Plugs In And Keeps Plugging Away

Frankly, I haven’t thought about Sears in a while, and can’t remember the last time I went into one of their stores. So this article on Yahoo! Finance is an eye-opener, focusing on everything the company is doing to stay relevant: On a recent morning at the flagship Sears in downtown Chicago, the youthful, caffeine-fueled […]

Digital Provides Manufacturers A Direct Path To Consumers

Procter & Gamble and e-commerce provider PFSweb will begin operating an online store this month. Named the eStore, the online shopping site will be owned and operated by PFSweb and exclusively feature P&G products to consumers in the U.S. “We are very excited about the eStore‟s potential to reach more consumers and create new online […]

Branding’s Not Dangerous, Provided It’s Not A Lie

The Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard wrote, “Concepts, like individuals, have their histories and are just as incapable of withstanding the ravages of time as are individuals.” Consultant and Friend of AdPulp, Tom Asacker, believes the concept of branding is one such construct that the winds and rain of modern communication are slowly wearing down. In […]