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Content Helps Brands Fulfill Integrated Marketing’s Promise

A few progressive lifestyle brands are moving boldly into a brave new world where they see themselves as media companies, for that’s partly what the democratization of media means. It’s not just that citizens are reporters now, it’s that brands are media companies (or capable of becoming media companies). Pepsi is one of these early […]

Hyperlocal News Is In The News

Distinctions between mainstream media and citizen media have become so blurry that it’s often hard to know where one stops and the other begins. Perhaps it’s time to evolve the way we describe media. There’s really just media–pro, semi-pro and amateur. But even those distinctions become blurred as cross-pollination occurs between the camps. For instance, […]

Add ‘Punch Of Fives’ To The List Of Unusual Agency Names

I came across an item about an agency called Punch of Fives, which was named the “first agency of record for the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association.” I felt compelled to dig deeper because I was intrigued by the name. According to this press release: Punch of Fives is a full-service marketing and creative services […]

Mad About Mad Men

Accoding to nycgo, legendary creative George Lois is the one ad man in America not secretly in love with Don Draper. I’ve been accused of being the inspiration for the lead of Mad Men (ugh!), the TV show [on AMC] about an ad agency in the ’60s that depicts the exploits of cultural buffoons. So […]

Fame Is An Ego Trap And A Needless Diversion from The Work

Edward Boches, Chief Creative Officer and Chief Social Media Officer of Mullen, recently remembered his former business partner Paul Silverman on his blog creativity_unbound. I really like what Boches says here: In his time crafting ads, winning awards and helping grow an agency, Paul was pretty well known. He didn’t really work at it, but […]

Tell Us Our Money Is Well Spent, Or We’ll Find Someone Who Will

Numbers count. That’s the message a consortium of media companies and marketers are sending to their old buddy, Nielsen Media Research. Phil Rosenthal of the Chicago Tribune says: …the attempt to establish a new measurement of video audiences as they splinter off TV to the Internet and mobile devices could be announced as soon as […]

Berman Can Relate

Cheryl Berman, former chairman of Leo Burnett and current principal of the new ad agency Unbundled, will be writing recaps of “Mad Men” for The Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy blog. In her opening salvo, Berman says she walked in to Leo Burnett 30 years ago as Peggy Olsen, but walked out as Don Draper. For […]

Be Afraid of Mastercard

[via The Guardian]