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It’s Hard To Skip Through A Field of Daisies, While Wearing Exxon’s Oil-Soaked Boots

Renewable fuels, like solar, wind and biofuels, will grow at a brisk pace but they will account for just 2 percent of the world’s energy supplies by 2030, according to Exxon. The front page of this morning’s Sunday Business section blares a provocative headline, “Green Is for Sissies.” It’s the mantle for a feature piece […]

What If We Drenched Our Advertising In Pornography?

ESPN’s Kenny Mayne is starring as himself in a fictional web series called “Mayne Street.” In the episode below, the show’s second, the creators skewer marketers something fierce. Which, of course, makes it a pleasure to watch. NyQuil is a featured sponsor of the show. [via BFG Blog]

Easy To Manage, Easy To Sell

One media company is making it easier for small business owners to create and manage ad campaigns online and in their newspapers. Orange County Register Communications, Inc. announced the launch of a new self-service advertising tool that provides a quick, convenient and cost-effective solution for small business owners to create and schedule their own display […]

The AdPulp Poll: I’m Talking Dapper

Which modern day Mad Man sports the sharpest black turtleneck? ( polls) Hat tip to Bob Hoffman for leading the way to this, and future, Poll Daddy widgets.

Big Guys Dance With The Little People

“We desire proprietary, commercially viable products and technologies for our existing categories and for new solutions that will make our products better tasting, better for you, more convenient or more socially responsible.” -Kraft Once upon a time, inventors with big ideas had to keep them to themselves, for fear of “losing” them to a large […]

The Perfect Holiday Gift For Bacon Lovers

See more Kevin Bacon videos at Funny or Die [via Spare Room]

Artfully Done

London International Awards recognized The Partners/London for its National Gallery Grand Tour Campaign. According to Creative Match: …the Grand Tour campaign was an innovative approach to branding that raised awareness of The National Gallery’s permanent collection. To assist The National Gallery in bringing the art to the attention of the busy British public, 44 full […]

“Share Something Juicy!” Is A Great Content Platform (And Tagline)

Starburst is up to some craziness on the web. According to Media Week, the candy brand underwrote “a unique content distribution deal for the Next New Networks’ series Nite Fite, which resulted in an episode of that show receiving premium placement on YouTube via its top homepage ad placement.” Taking another page from the YouTube […]