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Tough Times for Newspapers Continue

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Donald Newhouse of Advance Publications is looking to sell the Newark Star-Ledger. The Star-Ledger is the 15th-largest newspaper in the country by weekday circulation, and the biggest paper in Advance’s stable. “This was a very difficult decision to make,” Mr. Newhouse said in an interview. “We have never […] Is Now Delicious

I just made a post to Delicious, but before I could I had to log in, which was odd. Now I know why. The site has been overhauled and it’s looking good. According to their blog, the new Delicious is just like the old, only faster, easier to learn, and hopefully more delightful to […]


The Pirate‚Äôs Dilemma by Matt Mason tells the story of how youth culture drives innovation and is changing the way the world works. According to the author, it offers understanding and insight for a time when piracy is just another business model, the remix is our most powerful marketing tool and anyone with a computer […]

Link Love Needed To Mellow The Bitter

The Ad Contrarian, a.k.a. Bob Hoffman, ceo of Hoffman/Lewis, is fishing for links. But not in the typical groveling manner. Can you imagine that not one of these creepy low-life bloggers would include your and my absolute favorite blog on their blog roll? And do you know who these bloggers are? We’re talking here about […]

Columbia Makes An Impression On Cycling Fans

Days before Tour de France started last month, Columbia Sportswear scored a sponsorship coup by picking up the pieces for Team High Road–the cycling team that was dropped by T-Mobile after 16 years. According to The Oregonian, Columbia’s Chief Executive Tim Boyle said, “The sponsorship was an unqualified success by any measure.” The team’s five […]

The Mother of Experience

I love when the creative darlings tackle experiential marketing and content. Their adoption lends gloss to the categories and makes it all the more likely that the practices will become mainstream over time. According to Ad Age, Mother is extremely active in these pursuits. For Pot Noodle, the London agency has created a branded musical, […]

Finding Meaning Where There Is None

What do you think about when the words “Country First” are attached to an ad? John McCain, who has adopted this tag as his campaign slogan, would like you to think that he’s a patriot genuinely concerned with your problems. Yet, there are so many ways to read this line. I read it like this: […]

Interactive Doesn’t Mean Online, It Means To Play With

This Stride Gum ad caught my attention (in Rolling Stone) because it’s a good example of interactive print. The copy encourages readers to chew six pieces of gum and place the remnants in the circles shown, an act which will make the unsavory image go away.