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The Open Brand: A Perfect Guidebook to Web 2.0

I’ve long said that major corporations and marketers simply don’t want to “join the conversation,” so to speak. They’d prefer not to engage in two-way dialogue with their customers and would just as soon keep the one-way megaphone. But now comes a very persuasive little handboook for those very marketers, The Open Brand: When Push […]


When Brand Evangelists Get All Evangelical And Other Developments

Farhad Manjoo believes new communications technologies are loosening the culture’s grip on what people once called “objective reality.” Machinist is offering excerpts from his new book on the subject, True Enough: Learning to Live in a Post-Fact Society. In this clip, the author examines the cult of Mac and how fast the Apple brand evangelicals […]

…And Action

Are you hip to Fast Company’s move into consumer-generated video? Actually, I hesitate to call it that. Is Scoble a consumer? What about Shel Israel? They’re not Directors of Photography, that’s for sure. Maybe it should simply be called DIY video. For some strong opinions on this venture, click over to Loren Feldman’s video rants.

When To Say When

Anyone who has spent significant time blogging can tell you what an obsession it can become. It’s an obsession I’m looking very closely at these days, as peering into this screen for hours on end is not the smartest thing I’ve ever chosen to do. But there are people, like Fred Wilson, who are much […]

Barkley Pedals A Lifestyle

Barkley is sponsoring a bike racing team to the tune of $50,000, according to Stuart Elliott. The goal of the agency’s stake in the Hincapie Barkley development team is meant to deliver experience in sports marketing as well as access to consumers who are young — or young at heart. “It’s a great way, a […]

Blog Has Four Letters. Work Has Four Letters. Coincidence?

Michael Arrington says that $25 million was invested in blogs and blog networks in 2007. He doesn’t see it as a good sign. I believe the money is being, for the most part, wasted. If a VC hands you a check, their intention is not to hang around for 20 years while you build a […]

Perfect Coffee Is The Exception, Not The Rule

Do you want to hear about Starbucks’ new social networking site, or the new espresso machines they’re planning to roll out? The Wall Street Journal has that information. I have different information. Last week in Austin I asked myself, besides Jo’s, where might a true espresso fiend venture. The answer wasn’t hard to find. image […]