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Pantless Man In The Big City

I was pleased to hear from David Rosen this morning. The former Group CD at Deutsch in NYC has his first novel coming out next month. Rosen says, “I’ve been lucky enough to realize the copywriter’s dream — my novel, I Just Want My Pants Back, is being published by Doubleday/Broadway in August. I’m thrilled […]

Amp’d Customers So Not

According to Mashable, Los Angeles-based mobile service provider Amp’d will shut down at 12:01am Tuesday. Existing customers will be able to port their phone numbers to a new service, but Amp’d won’t help them do this, and their will be no customer service after Monday. Amp’d assets will be sold in an auction. The company […]

The Real Michael Vick Experience

Well, that was fast. It’s a crude mashup, but someone had to do it, I suppose: And then there’s this “Cat’s In the Cradle” parody, which lays it on pretty thick: Ouch.

Random Tarnish

Make Shorts. Make Money.

Om Malik’s New Tee Vee is running a piece on the growing professionalization of Internet TV, a.k.a video. Next New Networks, ON Networks, Revision3, 60 Frames, Vuguru, Telegraph Ave Productions, WatchMojo — what do these companies have in common? They all use Moore’s Law and low-cost distribution over the Internet to disrupt the studio model, […]

Om Goes Green

The New York Times examines a new green technology media play that’s run by media people, not environmentalists. Apprently like everyone else, we are going green!” wrote Om Malik this week, pretty much owning up to his lack of enthusiasm for the new blog his company introduced, Earth2Tech. “It took a bit to convince Om […]

Non Sequiturvertising

From the blue collar, no nonsense streets of Cincinnati’s West Side.


“Taking the BS out of PR is like taking the horse manure out of the horse manure.” -Al Lewis, Denver Post Columnist