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3-D Printing: Holy Crap, It Sounds Cool

Did you know this was on the horizon? The New York Times reports: The next frontier will be the home. One company that wants to be the first to deliver a 3-D printer for consumers is Desktop Factory, started by IdeaLab, a technology incubator here. The company will start selling its first printer for $4,995 […]

A Ream Of Culture Clashes At FedEx Kinko’s

I’ve made many copies of my book at Kinko’s and sent plenty of them via FedEx. So a merger of the two seemed fine to me. So how’s it all going? The New York Times takes a closer look. “We’ve got three cultures at play here,” said Brian D. Philips, Fedex Kinko’s chief operating officer. […]

Are We Living In Gootopia?

Over at The Huffington Post and cross-posted on Media 3.0, his own blog, Shelly Palmer takes a closer look at the new era of hypertargeted marketing: Forgetting the privacy issues (formidable as they are), let’s ask a few business questions about the value of hyper-targeted media. Is it really valuable? Certainly not on an individual […]

Finding Purpose Harder Than Finding Money

Last December Jennifer Rice probed the depths and asked the kind of pertinent questions one asks on a long hike, or fireside with a particularly good pinot noir. One thing I haven’t thought about until recently is whether I could make a difference in my own profession. Seems a bit odd in hindsight, but I’ve […]

McCracken Soaks It Up In Mexico

Ethnographer and brand consultant Grant McCracken is in Mexico trying to “save marketing” by asking more of research. I am here to advance my clients interests not by finding a hot button, but looking for a match between all of the cultural complexities of the consumers’ life and all the things the brand and the […]

Yahoo! In Focus

USA Today brings some drama to its report on Yahoo’s decision to put all its photo chips in Flickr’s basket. At Yahoo, Web 2.0 has won one battle with stodgy old Web 1.0. Yahoo is shutting down Yahoo Photos — for years, the No. 1 or No. 2 most-visited photo site on the Web. Its […]

Chess Move

In a move to more closely align digital marketing practices with traditional advertising, Publicis is moving pieces on a board. Publicis Groupe announced it is aligning Modem Media, a digital firm it acquired as part of its recent $1.6 billion purchase of Digitas, with its Publicis ad agency. The new unit, called Publicis Modem, will […]

Asheville Asks Americans To Step Out Of The Office

Roy McCrerey is an Atlanta-based actor who was recenly hired by Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau to star in its “Five Day Weekend” campaign. McCrerey told the Atalanta Constitution Journal that he only works two days a week. Actors… “In my dream world, the jerk boss is going to be the guy who makes you […]