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Now for Some Good News Out of Baltimore

“Some people got hopes and dreams; Some people got ways and means.” -Bob Marley The ad above is the work of creatives at Exit 10, an agency formed by ex-Eisnerites 11 months before the end of Eisner. [UPDATE] Click here for more recent work (for CSX Railroad) from Exit 10. Apparently drunk college students have […]

One Dumb Move And You’re Out

According to Drudge Report, a client’s head has rolled in Cartoon Network land. Here’s a slice of an internal email sent today by Jim Samples to his colleagues: I am sure you are aware of recent events in which a component of an Adult Swim marketing campaign made Turner Broadcasting the unintended focus of controversy […]

Personal Billboards For Your Car

Gadget Hunter is offering this tailgate-inducing device for $39.95. The license plate frame stores up to four separate messages, or one long message up to 120 characters. [via Trend Hunter]

Hyla Matthews Educates Presidential Candidates on Electability In the Age of Tubes

[This Just In video via Blogumentary]

Atlanta Art Director Needed

Don’t let “The Google” fool you–this is an old posting, I posted this back in February 2007. How would you like to work with me? And my agency? Partners + Napier in Atlanta is looking for an Art Director, full-time. Someone with a bit of experience who’s ready to step into a Senior role. I […]

Hell Hath Frozen Over

According to today’s WSJ (paid sub. req.), in the U.K. has been hired by Ikea to make print and outdoor ads, in addition to the digital work the shop already handles. It is possible that could make TV spots in the future, an Ikea spokeswoman says. Other digital agencies are starting to gain […]

Speaking About The Series Of Tubes, Jarvis Says, “It’s Anarachy!”

Jeff Jarvis interviewed scholar and author David Weinberger on camera at Always On in Manhattan last week. has the full transcript of the interview. Here’s one bit from the Cluetrain conductor that I enjoyed: Entering a conversation in order to influence it is almost always a corrupting influence on a conversation, although there are […]

Fluid Markets Demand Discipline

Hal R. Varian, professor of business, economics and information management at the University of California, Berkeley explains “Kaizen, the practice of continuous improvement,” in today’s NYT. Kaizen doesn’t just mean a business should keep trying new things. Rather, it refers to a disciplined process of systematic exploration, controlled experimentation and then painstaking adoption of the […]