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Disabled Veterans Are Also Overlooked In The Ad Biz

Normally, I wouldn’t have had my radar too high on this issue, but as I read about the deplorable conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center this weekend, it reminded me that all too often, we simply don’t, as a society, offer as much support to our veterans as they deserve. Neither does the ad […]

A Content Driver

Los Angeles writer, Mark Haskell Smith, cerated a serial novel–Black Sapphire Pearl–for Lexus. According to the Washington Post, he was paid “more than a modest book advance but less than what he would get for an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.” Call it a fictomercial, a literatisement, branded entertainment. Lexus doesn’t really care. As long as […]

Podcasters To Make Some Noise

Bum Rush the Charts seeks to make a loud statement next month–one they hope will be heard by music industry executives. On March 22nd, the podcasting community is going to take an indie podsafe music artist to number one on the iTunes singles charts as a demonstration of our reach to Main Street and our […]

Pop Ups Popped By Feds

The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. reg.) examines the latest fine levied against an adware firm. A company that caused Internet pop-up ads to appear on consumers’ computers has agreed to pay $1.5 million to settle charges brought by the Federal Trade Commission, the agency said Friday. The FTC charged that Direct Revenue LLC, based […]

When Paradigms Collapse…

After letting 250 employees go last week, The New York Times looks at MTV Network’s attempts to adapt to the modern media marketplace. MTV has been madly programming screens of all sizes and looking to engage consumers on whatever device they choose, but it has been slow going. Rising above the clutter was a lot […]

Beme Me Up

The term “meme” was first defined by Richard Dawkins in 1976 as “a unit of cultural information” spread from one mind to another. In other words, it’s a viral idea that eventually becomes common knowledge. Now, Silicon Valley marketing guru, Tom Hayes, updates the viral lexicon with a new term, “beme.” A meme is old […]

AGs to A-B: “Underage Drinkers Can’t Click With”

I took note of an Ad Age article from last week about’s “Walled Beer Garden.” The piece questioned the effectiveness of the site. No matter how good content is, it has to be shareable, and that’s where the venture falls short. In, A-B and DDB, Chicago, have essentially created a walled beer garden […]

“Tell ‘Em Vince Sent You”

Of all the radio commercial cliches in the world, this has got to be one of the worst. This is Vince Dooley. He’s a legendary University of Georgia football coach and a pretty stand-up guy. But right now, he’s doing some radio spots for AAMCO in which he says, “Tell ’em Vince sent you.” Why? […]