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A Little Respect

I can’t tell who’s written it by looking at the online version, but there’s a great column in this week’s Adweek about agency-client relationships, and the basic respect all people deserve, especially when dealing with tough clients: There was a quote in a recent New York Times ad column detailing a consumer-generated television commercial for […]

Virtually Edwards In ’08

Former North Carolina Senator, John Edwards, has a virtual Presidential campaign headquarters in Second Life. According to ZDNet, Jerimee Richir, whose avatar is called Jose Rote, paid-for and developed Edwards’ virtual headquarters, and, on a voluntary basis, is managing the in-world campaign. Irascible adman, George Parker, doesn’t like the development. The news that Senator John […]


Adweek reports that PBR has assigned creative duties to a small New Jersey agency. Pabst Blue Ribbon has tapped The Sawtooth Group as its agency of record for media and creative tasks. Sawtooth’s inaugural effort will unfold in U.S. test markets by May, marking the beer’s first major campaign in five years. Pabst Blue Ribbon’s […]

Investment In Online Intel Soars

Washington Post looks at New Media Strategies–a company of 70 people who scour the web each day to track what’s being said about their clients’ brands. As the explosion of blogs, social networks and video-sharing sites has driven big companies to recognize the role of Internet image in protecting their bottom lines, traditional media companies […]

Vanity Plates Trumped By Vanity Billboards

Unexpected Nut shares their thoughts about the above personalization. MINI relies on the rabid loyalty of their customers, so a campaign that is retention-based is a perfect fit. However, something of this whole thing smacks of a group of creatives in a room trying to “integrate” digital ideas, customer-centric messaging and good old fashioned Lite-Bright […]

Ad Creep Comes To Hallowed Vines

The Chicago Cubs have entered into a sponsorship agreement with sports apparel company Under Armour that includes signage on the ivy-covered outfield walls at historic Wrigley Field. The Under Armour logo will appear on the two doors in left and right field, and the company will also have signage rights behind home plate. First, night […]

Fast Forward Slow Down

The New York Times has good news for TV executives reliant upon ever-diminishing ad revenues. According to new data released yesterday by the Nielsen Company, people who own digital video recorders, or DVRs, still watch, on average, two-thirds of the ads. One big reason is that many people with DVRs still tune in to watch […]

Sam Ewen Talks. Finally.

In the big hubbub about the Boston Cartoon Network bomb scare thing, I thought it was very strange how the CEO of Interference Inc., Sam Ewen, seemed to disappear, issuing only a written statement while his hired guns went to jail and the CEO of Cartoon Network had to resign. Now, two weeks later, he’s […]