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Gawker Poaches Another One

Ben Popken, of The Spunker has a new gig—editor of Gawker Media’s The Consumerist. Joel Johnson will be moving up to Executive Editor of the site. Hit me up at ben [the darn at sign] with your consumer kvetching, hot ads and dishy industry dirt. You may recall Ben was recently looking at becoming […]

Crispin Puts On Lederhosen For VW

From The New York Times: Volkswagen may have retired its unwieldy “Fahrvergnügen” slogan, but a quirky new ad campaign for the struggling carmaker is once again invoking its German heritage. Along with faux-German catch phrases (“Straight outta da Autobahn” and “Fast as schnell”), the campaign introduces Helga, a blonde in white go-go boots who demonstrates […]

Sending Chills Through Chat

From USA TODAY: The first worm targeting Apple Computer’s Mac OS X operating system has surfaced, though it does not appear to be widespread or especially dangerous. Its emergence, however, could indicate that hackers — who have almost exclusively targeted the much-larger Windows PC market — are expanding their attacks, computer-security experts say. The so-called […]

Beware Of 29E

I-Am-Bored posted this hand-written consumer complaint against Continental Airlines last year. I was unawre of it until today, when Consumerist picked it up. It begins, “Dear Continental Airlines, I am disgusted as I write this note to your about the miserable experience I am having in seat 29E on one of your aircrafts. As you […]

Hey Mr. Bartender…

John Condon, Leo Burnett’s new chief creative officer recently spoke with Adweek. See the Jan. 23rd print edition. Q. How do you get past a creative block? A. I go for a walk. And if that doesn’t doesn’t work, I can flush it out with scotch. I’m a bourbon man myself, but I appreciate a […]

Hitting Up The A-List Does Not A PR Strategy Make

From Phil Gomes: A whole bunch of people are talking about this article from a magazine I don’t read. Reminds me of something that started early in my career. Something I called “Wall Street Journal Syndrome.” Even as a junior employee, it astounded me how a PR team could pole-vault over every expectation and every […]

Edelman The Blog Snatcher

Steve Rubel is moving to Edelman (from CooperKatz) and taking Micropersuasion with him. According to Ad Age: Rubel is taking a senior VP role at the much larger Edelman, where he’ll craft word-of-mouth and social-media campaigns for a consumer-client list that includes Unilever and Microsoft’s Xbox. Edelman paid CooperKatz so Mr. Rubel could keep the […]

It’s Only Satisfying If You Eat It

Snickers is running some great TV ads from BBDO/New York. In particular, I enjoy “Bald,” a spot where a man wears a toupee made of Snickers bars, only to be confronted by his co-workers. “Um, Steve, we just want to let your know, we know you’re bald. We think you should stop wearing the Snickers.” […]