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Now A Car Dealer Has A Blog. Honest.

The President of Earl Stewart Toyota may be betraying his tent-sale and bait-and-switch brethren with his blog, Earl Stewart On Cars. On the blog, he gives advice to car buyers and owners on how to deal with dealers, service people, and pitfalls to avoid. Here’s a sample: The “Big Sale Event”. If you look in […]

WPP Buys Its Way In To Social Networks

According to the copywriter who typed this gem, “Liveworld builds, operates, and moderates social networks and online communities with a difference that creates real solutions to meet real business goals.” While these words may fall flat on my ears, WPP hears the jangle of money. Ad Age and Adweek both report on the new joint […]

Charmin Pinches Off A Blog

When challenged with advertising toilet paper, it’s important to dance gingerly around the biological neccesity behind the need for the product. Not! Charmin’s U.K. brand managers, knowing how popular potty humor is, launched A Little Bit Rude, a site where users submit their own euphemisms for a bowel movement. There is also a viral video […]

Are Interactive Creatives Working In Their Own Ghetto?

Normally, an agency like Fallon doesn’t have to go around placing classified ads to entice people to join its creative department. But, as as we noted a while back, interactive creatives are much in demand. So Fallon has placed an ad on CreativeHotlist for an interactive copywriter. Fallon would like to hire a writer. But […]

Burgers Get Pig Skin Treatment

According to Associated Press, Wendy’s, based in the Columbus suburb of Dublin, is gearing up for football season. The nation’s third-largest burger chain plans to add the Brutus Buckeye Burger to the menu Aug. 28 and offer it through the football season. The burger – available at 125 central Ohio restaurants – is named for […]

Sex Sells…Condos?

The New York Times calls attention to some racy techniques to sell condos: The Developers Group, a sales and marketing firm, first departed from the tried and tame in January with an advertisement for the Hudson Condominiums near the Time Warner Center, which showed an image of the 20-story building accompanied by the statement: “You […]

Time For Breakfast

Leo Burnett went old school with its latest outdoor application for McDonald’s. The billboard at the intersection of Clark and Addison features a sundial whose shadow falls on a different breakfast item each hour until noon, when the shadow of the McDonald’s arches are dead center. To turn the sundial concept into reality, Leo Burnett […]

Advertising As Cocktail Party: The Metaphor

Writing in BusinessWeek, Steve McKee offers a way of looking at advertising that I thought about a long time ago, but I don’t think I ever wrote down. Think about how you relate to most ads you see. You expect them to focus on themselves. You expect them to be loud. You expect them to […]