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The Live 30-Second Spot

If people won’t watch ads on TV, perhaps opera enthusiasts and theatregoers can be forced to watch them on stage. They are, after all, “captive audiences.” Check out this twist on a dying media, as reported today by the New York Times. No, to answer your question, there is nothing sacred. The advertisement, which is […]

Female Bloggers Have Advertising Options

There’s a new blog ad network on the block, and it’s testosterone free. The BlogHer Ad Network is a solution for women bloggers who want ads on their blogs. We are going to market with a limited number of (superb, brilliant, awe-inspiring) partner blogs, working with just a few of the women we’ve gotten to […]

Preppy McBuckster’s Golf Outfit Annoys Ad Man

Copyranter is not to the manor born. Or so we might surmise from his take on this Polo Golf ad. Paging through the racist, misogynist, elitist, blubbery white businessman’s Bible–Golf Digest–I happened upon this ad for Polo golfwear. Nice look, Chip.

What’s A Blog? Hey, We Need One Of Those.

Blogs blogs blogs. Blah blah blah. reports that only 30% of Fortune 1000 executives know what a blog is. The piece also says only 20% have a process in place to monitor blog conversations about their company. I’m not sure these figures are going to surprise and elighten anyone. So, mainstream marketers are not […]

Big Ideas For Small Screens

WGBH is sponsoring an interesting consumer generated media project: 6:55 is an open call for big ideas for small screens, including cell phones, PDAs, and television broadcast. Three projects will be selected and produced for the WGBH Lab. Each project will receive $2,500 in financial support, editorial support from WGBH and renowned media producers, and […]

Seeing The World Cup Through A Brand Ambassador’s Eyes

I just adopted a real live German. Her name is Sabine Wolf-Reinfurt, and she’s going to tell me all about the World Cup this summer. Thanks to Puma, you can get your own Adoptee. Of course, Visa did this during the Olympics. But they didn’t offer real Germans for adoption.

Going Into The Ad Biz? Go Interactive

So says BusinessWeek: Mama, let your babies grow up to be Web ad guys. With the online ad business up 30% last year to $12.5 billion, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, job candidates are feasting on a seller’s market. The top Web ad agency, Seattle-based Avenue A/Razorfish, is looking for 200 people on a […]

Hurt Me. Whip Me. Make Me Write Bad Ads.

If you’ve ever longed for the Good Ol’ Days of Advertising, take a look at these ads featuring corporal punishment. [Via Pull My Finger.]