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Taggin’ Joy Zee

According to The New York Times, New Jersey’s acting Governor Richard J. Codey unveiled the top five entries for New Jersey’s tourism slogan last week and asked state residents to vote for their favorite. The five finalists – “New Jersey: Expect the Unexpected;” “New Jersey: Love at First Sight;” “New Jersey: Come See for Yourself;” […]

If You Can Make It There You Can Make It Anywhere

NYT: New York City’s creative sector – which includes architects, potters, filmmakers and clothing designers – has long helped fuel the city’s economy because of its size and its role in drawing the wealthy to town. But relentless inflation in real estate and health care costs are endangering New York’s long dominance in the creative […]

Albertson’s Chooses To Hold

USA TODAY: Albertson’s is no longer considering a sale of the entire company, officials said late Thursday after CVS and other potential suitors withdrew from talks. The nation’s second-largest grocery store company said it will continue talks with “several parties” interested in buying its underperforming divisions. Dave Parker, Albertson’s vice president of investor relations, said […]

Microsoft Dumps Its “Problem Child”

Ending a partnership that soured long ago, Microsoft and NBC announced yesterday that they would dissolve their joint ownership of the cable news channel MSNBC, with NBC taking control. NBC has completed a deal to assume majority control of the channel immediately, with an 82 percent stake, and it will become the sole owner within […]

Gold Is So Last Last Century

NYT: The diamond industry has long inundated consumers of bridal jewelry with forceful marketing messages, proclaiming that “A Diamond Is Forever” and dictating that two months’ salary be spent on engagement rings. Now the platinum industry, through an elaborate advertising campaign, is introducing its own message about marriage, complete with a special tagline: “Your Love […]

Splogs Suck

Adweek: While 80,000 blogs may be created every day, about one in five is spam, according to new research. Umbria Communications, a Boulder, Colo.-based consumer-generated media monitor, found that 2.7 million out of 20.3 million blogs are spam, or splogs as they are sometimes known. It estimates between 10 and 20 percent of blogs are […]

Coke Pours On The Details About Its New Ad Campaign

A couple of snippets from a larger story in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Coke will debut a host of commercials on New Year’s Eve. Instead of a traditional tagline, each spot ends with a red-and-white graphic image of a Coke bottle, along with the sound of a soft drink being opened and poured. The spots all […]

Would You Pay $80 To Breeze Through Airport Security?

If ever there was a product that would benefit from some advertising or publicity, it’s the Clear registered traveler program. The Clear registered traveler program is the smarter way forward for airport security. It’s the smarter solution for you, getting you through security faster, with more predictability and less hassle. It’s basic risk management: someone […]