Gold Is So Last Last Century

NYT: The diamond industry has long inundated consumers of bridal jewelry with forceful marketing messages, proclaiming that “A Diamond Is Forever” and dictating that two months’ salary be spent on engagement rings.
Now the platinum industry, through an elaborate advertising campaign, is introducing its own message about marriage, complete with a special tagline: “Your Love Has Just Gone Platinum.”
Platinum Guild International, the United States marketing arm of the platinum industry, wants to convince the soon-to-be wed that platinum, the priciest jewelry metalon the market, is also the most desirable.
The industry is focusing on bridal consumers who harbor more nontraditional notions of marriage compared with previous generations.
“What we found is that today’s engaged-age couple really has a very practical and realistic attitude toward marriage and love,” said Michelle Peranteau, marketing manager for the Platinum Guild International.
The “Your Love Has Just Gone Platinum” campaign will blanket the January issues of women’s and bridal magazines like Vogue, Glamour and In Style Weddings. Men, who purchase the vast majority of engagement rings, have not been forgotten in the marketing pitch: the ads will also run in magazines like GQ and Men’s Journal.
A poll last year by the wedding advice Web site revealed that 38 percent of women prefer a platinum ring over gold or silver.
Platinum is also among the world’s scarcest metals, according to the New York Mercantile Exchange, with most of the world’s mines in two countries, South Africa and Russia.



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