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Rockin’ The Blog

Here’s what I like to see. Three recording/performing artists engaging their audience via web log. Peter Case, Tony Furtado and Kevin Gordon are hyper talented singer-songwriters who are used to doing things for themselves, like carrying amps out to the truck, that sort of thing. So it’s a natural that they would take on chores […]

It’s Not Or, It’s And

Context is crucial. When I take the following text from a Business Week article, for instance, it sounds as if marketers want to save money by having customers make their ads. Since, that’s insanity, it must be something else. I must be taking it out of context. In a time when consumers can scrub advertising […]


Adweek: Shari Kurzrok, a 31-year-old public relations vice president at Ogilvy PR who is less than three months from her wedding date, needs a liver transplant in days to survive, the agency said. She was admitted to New York University Medical Center last weekend, and within 24 hours she was told she needed a liver […]

Nice Package

CNN has caught on to the latest in a long line of culture jamming tactics. This one is called shopdropping, a term that refers the act of covertly placing merchandise on display in a store, or reverse shoplifting. For example, shopdroppers place canned goods that have been repackaged with more artistic labels (complete with barcodes) […]

Innovative Media Placement: The Yoda Fountain

New York Times: For decades Lucasfilm, the director’s privately held company, and its two main divisions – LucasArts, the video game producer, and Industrial Light and Magic, a leading designer of movie special effects – were tucked away in barely marked structures in northern San Rafael and behind the impenetrable walls of nearby Skywalker Ranch. […]

You Want Great Prices…

Michele Miller at Wonder Branding has some nice things to say about Costco Wholesale and the retail giant’s CEO, Jim Sinegal. I also love the way she says it. Thanks to Jim Sinegal, the bigwigs down on Wall Street have their undies in a bunch. Costco puts Wal-Mart to shame in the arena of low […]

Please Put Nancy Grace In That Cab

According to a New York Times report, New York agency, Trollb

MDC Plays With The MFP Formula

According to a New York Times report, Canadian holding company, MDC Partners, is buying Powell, a small creative shop in New York, and folding it in with Margeotes Fertitta & Partners, a mid-sized shop already in the MDC stable. MDC bought a majority of Margeotes Fertitta in 1998; the rest is owned by Mr. Fertitta […]