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Small Businesses Say, “Yahoo” To Free Hosting

from E-Commerce Times: In a move to enhance its search and advertising businesses, Yahoo announced today it would offer free Web hosting to small businesses. Yahoo Local general manager Paul Levine said, “As more and more consumers rely on the Internet for information about their neighborhood — from finding restaurants to plumbers to dry cleaners […]

Diversionary Tactics

How do you create some warm and fuzzies for one of the most controversial companies in the world? You give the urban, educated, left-leaning Volvo drivers who are fighting you some space. from Ad Age: Embroiled in a nasty battle with organized labor and environmental groups, Wal-Mart has launched an ad campaign to run through […]

Volvo Is Too Nice Of A Car To Be Slumming On MSN Spaces

Media veteran and popular blogger, Steve Hall, busts some chops when considering the recent move by Volvo to act as sole sponsor on MSN Spaces, thereby seemingly embracing blogs as a desirable venue for online ad spending. A quick review of weblogs listed as recently updated on MSN Spaces revealed few, if any, containing more […]

Will The Real Brand Evangelists Please Stand Up?

Jackie Huba posted this humorous cartoon by Tom Fishburne.

BMW’s “Brand Story” Finds Another New Medium

from Ad Age: BMW of North America, which scored a major publicity coup with its groundbreaking online film series The Hire, has turned the story line’s Driver character into a branded entertainment comic book series. The idea was that if Hollywood has been able to harness the appeal of comic books to lure moviegoers into […]

Safire Tires Of Brands

William Safire, our supreme guardian of the English language, writing in New York Times Magazine said: The time has come to unbrand the word brand. The noun blazed on the scene a thousand years ago as a burning stick, and the meaning soon transferred to the mark left on the skin of a horse or […]

Online’s Piece Of The Pie Is Feeding More And More People

from San Francisco Chronicle: Five years after the dot-com bubble burst, Internet advertising is finally delivering on its promise. A passel of industry and analyst reports tell of a very strong 2004 and an even better 2005 for online ad spending. It’s still a tiny portion of the entire advertising-dollar pie, estimated to be $12.3 […]

W’s Finger On The Button

International Herald Tribune reports that George Jones, Alan Jackson, Keney Chesney, Van Morrison, John Fogerty, John Hiatt, The Knack, Alejandro Escovedo, Kenny Loggins and Joni Mitchell all share space on the First iPod–the digital music player given to President Bush by his twin daughters last summer. The leader of the free world/oil industry likes to […]