W+K’s Roots Are Showing

UPDATE 10/6/12: We wrongly assumed W+K made the following Levi’s spot. Please excuse our initial error and see the revised post for the correct credits.

“Just Do It” is much more than a tagline. It’s a platform, and an ethos so deeply embedded in Nike’s core, that the brand doesn’t even need to use the three little words anymore to convey the meaning in them.

Take a look at this new long form commercial from Wieden + Kennedy ESPN and director/producer Duffy Higgins. It features rookie quarterback Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks. Wilson embodies the “Just Do It” ethos and with the help of W+K’s copywriter Higgins, he speaks words here that are meant to move people.

“My height doesn’t define my skillset.”

“Sometimes you just got to make a play, when nobody thinks you can.”

“God gives you talent, but you perfect your skill.”

It’s classic Nike…

But it’s for Levi’s.



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