Want Some Extra Publicity? Get Ashton Kutcher On Board

I’ll admit, I don’t watch “Two and a Half Men” and I only peripherally know about Ashton Kutcher’s many investments and participation in new media ventures. But if you’re a viewer, you might have noticed them.

The Washington Post has more:

Kutcher is reprising the pretty-but-several-sandwiches-short-of-a-picnic shtick that made him a household name on Fox’s old sitcom “That ’70s Show.” Now, he’s playing Web billionaire Walden Schmidt, who is totally lacking in life skills.

As Schmidt, Kutcher is seen with a laptop. The laptop is encrusted with decals that are logos. Several of the logos are of companies to which Kutcher has fiscal ties.

It was a violation of FCC policy to not disclose those relationships. But Ashton got away with it. For now. If other celebrities follow suit, “The Truman Show” will start looking more and more real.



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