“Victory Records Is A Lifestyle Company” Doesn’t Sound Very Indie

Valley Wag is running “a purported email exchange” between Tony Brummel, head of indie label Victory Records, and Steve Jobs. Here’s how Brummel came at it:

Victory Records is a lifestyle company and a brand that has always marched to the beat of its own drum and operated contrary to industry standards. That is a major reason why we are the #1 Independent label in the country. The entire music industry and many music fans also know that we are not in business with iTunes.
I have tried to engage your folks in proactive discussions regarding how we can work together since April 2004. Unfortunately, they showed no interest, creativity or entrepreneurial thought regarding a relationship between our companies/brands. In fact, the dialogue was extremely disrespectful and typified everything that I thought your company was not. Wal-Mart has shown us more respect. We currently have our second Victory Records only endcap at Best Buy. Why are we the only label that Best Buy has ever worked with in this capacity? Because the Victory consumer is a coveted one.

If this email is real, Brummel does not sound like the kind of hipster I’d like to do business with. Even if it’s true that Apple people treated him and his representatives poorly, it’s Apple, so you don’t whine to the CEO, you handle the situation with grace. Then maybe you can get what you want—more record sales via the iTunes store.

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