Today in Twitterverse: Distinct Lack of Anger Management

People are bitching up a storm about Twitter dropping followers.

Julia Roy: I am so pissed at twitter. why cant you get your act together? and we are all still loyal. twittering away. amazing.
Joseph Jaffe: wow, Twitter messes up again….big time….they’ve somehow lost hundreds of followers for various people including me. COMMUNICATE IDIOTS!!
Sarah Lane: Dear Twitter, give me my friends back, or I WILL DO SOMETHING CRAZY AND RASH!
JenHen: Seriously? Seriously! Twitter really lost most of everyone’s followers and followees? WTF? How does something this popular suck so much?

I could go on and on, but I believe I’ve established the general mood. Let me see if I can sympathize. No one wants something taken from them, especially if that something is perceived status, which sadly, the number of followers on Twitter too often indicates.
I know there are other reasons to be mad about this disruption of service, but there are also plenty of reasons to let it roll off one’s back. After all, it’s a micro-messaging service that will soon be restored to its former self. That is, it’s not mission critical. Just a habit (for some) that’s hard to break.

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