The Ability To Make A Lasting Impression In 140 Characters Is Part Of The Job

BFG Communications in Savannah is once again looking to hire an Assistant Content Manager. Last time BFG did that, they asked prospects to contact them via Twitter. Doing so led to a storm of publicity for the company and a new employee in Hal Thomas.
Now there’s another opening and again BFG wants to hear from prospects on Twitter. One new applicant, Sam the Butcher from the Denver area offers this video (originally linked from Twitter, of course).

Given how important video is to the social space, the above approach is a great way to go, although some of the other video applications I just watched on YouTube didn’t do it for me.
[Disclosure] I launched the Content Department at BFG in May 2006 and headed the dept. until 12/31/08. My friend and former colleague, Sloane Kelley, is BFG’s Content Director now, and she’s the one dreaming up innovative ways to find talent. It’s fun to see.



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