Strange Brew

I’m not sure what to say about this TV spot for a beer, but I can share with you an edited version of the press release I received about it:

Alcoholic beverage marketer Lion Nathan will unveil its latest campaign this weekend for Tooheys Extra Dry (TED), when it launches its HarvesTED .
Developed in collaboration with long-term creative partner, BMF, the advertisement is firmly anchored in the brand truth that has been the cornerstone of TED communications for some time – that the desire for the clean, crisp taste of TED is worth going to extraordinary lengths to be satiated.
National Marketing Director Paul Foster said “HarvesTED really is like nothing else beer drinkers have ever seen. It’s a weirdly wonderful cinematic mini film for TV, cinema and the internet that takes the desire and want for TED’s clean crisp taste to a whole new level by focusing on the care and attention that goes into ‘creating’ TED.
Commenting on HarvesTED’s fantastical farm, pod people, bizarre machinery and rockabilly quiffs, Executive Creative Director at BMF, Warren Brown, said: “It is an idea that is iconic, will set the bar even higher for beer advertising in this country and provide plenty of fertile ground for more innovative and unexpected ideas in the future.”

Wow, Mr. Brown is a true believer. I guess you need to be when you’re in his job. Yet, there’s a certain “hand me my Lion now” swagger here that I find annoying unappealing.



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