Spotlight On NW Creative: Pacifico Beer

The Creature Blog (which is failing to provide permalinks) showcases some of the Seattle agency’s quirky work for Pacifico Beer.
There’s Pacifico Alarm Clock, an iPhone app that wakes you up with the sounds of a Mexican chicken. Let the fun begin!
There’s also, a site where “Mexico is randomly sorted by Ira.” Witness:

Who is this ceviche mastering fisherman? Creature says:

To keep Pacifico authentic we shy away from the cliché, tourist driven views of Mexican culture, and tap into the authentic, indigenous side. When we cast spots we find actual travelers, journeymen and locals–never actors. This process introduced us to our eventual soul mate, Ira Evan Nevius.
Ira is a California-grown ex-pat, who’s been living off the land in Mexico since the late 70s. This man is one of a kind. And the first ever “random dude”, whose life came to be sponsored by a beer company.

So next time you’re considering a Corona, don’t. Tip back a Pacifico instead and keep Ira and his sponsors in Seattle in beer money.



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