Revolutionary Toothbrush? You Be The Judge

USA Today reports on a new line of toothbrushes that play music while you brush:

The brush, in development for two years, will come in 18 varieties, each with a different two-minute song clip — the amount of time dentists recommend for a good brushing — from a popular artist.
When the user pushes a button on the manual toothbrush, it “plays” a song. As the bristles are brushed across the teeth, they send sound waves through them so that the user hears the song in his or her head.

I didn’t think this idea was anything extraordinary because a lot of little gadgets play tunes. Then I got to the last paragraph of the story:

The toothbrushes will get a push from a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign that begins Oct. 23. The TV ad was inspired by an award-winning 1984 TV ad for Apple, that showed a revolutionary change with its then-new Macintosh personal computers.

Hmmm…are we really looking at the Macintosh of toothbrushes? Go to, for a link to the commercial (though it doesn’t seem to be working just yet).



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