“The Honeymooners” Repurposed (to Sell Software)

Crispin rides again…first they get the world’s richest man to “adjust his shorts,” then they get him to “do the robot.” On tape, for everyone to see.

So, is this skit connecting with people? Allow me to share what “Patrick,” wrote in a comment on The Denver Egotist about the content above.

i friggen love these ads. they’re absurd and dorky as hell (yet smart), kind of like 90% of Microsoft’s user base. so what if they don’t explicitly sell anything? i don’t need to be beaten over the head with a USP to get me to buy a product. nor do i need some heady, philosophical crap full of inspirational messages. sometimes i just like entertainment for the sake of entertainment.
then again, i also dig Huey Lewis and the News.

I must need a new drug.



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