Planters Aims For Men, With A Magazine In Tow

A new campaign for Planters aims directly for men with a new “NUT-rition Mix,” and ties in “Men’s Health” magazine in the process:

From the press release:

”This is our first time working with a snack brand, and the product had to meet the high standards our readers know to expect from us,” said Ronan Gardiner, Publisher of Men’s Health. “Our food and nutrition editor worked closely with the team at Planters to meet this goal, and together they’ve succeeded in creating a tasty mix that has the nutrients and protein that active guys want.”

What’s interesting here is the direct partnership. Are we going to see more magazines partner with brands to lend their names to products? We’ve seen some magazines with their origins in bigger brands (say, Benetton’s COLOURS or personality-driven magazines like Rachael Ray’s). But now, other magazines are trying anything they can to bolster revenue and readership. This tie-in may further blur the line between editorial and advertising, if ever there was a line.

The New York office of TBWA/BEING created the spot above.



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