North Promotes Oregon’s ObamaCare State Exchange With Song

With health insurance exchanges set to launch later this year as part of the Affordable Care Act, I’ve been very curious to see how they’ll be marketed.

Since they’re being launched on a state-by-state basis, we’re going to see a lot of different messages. Oregon, with its Cover Oregon campaign, is definitely playing up the localized quirkiness of the state, thanks to Portland agency North.

With so much misinformation out there, it’ll be interesting to see what actually gets people motivated to compare healthcare plans and get one if it’s the best option for them. In this case, the TV ads definitely feel like a huge slice of Portlandia. The question is, is this the right tone and audience for people who don’t have health insurance and will be needing the exchange to find coverage?

One thing is certain: Health insurance-related messages are going to be a huge ad spend in many states. And, as I’ve written before, private insurers will be looking to add to their marketing efforts as well when these exchanges open and competition increases.

Hat tip to our friend Peter Levitan.



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