No, It’s Not A New Vegas Casino, It’s A New Snack Foods Division.

Naming is tough. You end up with one word out of the hundreds or thousands of possibilities on the wall. And if a committee had anything to do with it, the one word chosen is likely to be stupid, or at best uninspired.

Such is the case with this new made up word: Mondelez.

According to Chicago Tribune, Kraft Foods is proposing to change the name of its global snacks business to Mondelez International Inc. when it splits into two companies this year.

Pronounced moan-duh-leez, the name is meant to convey “delicious world,” using a derivation of the Latin word for world, and the Kraft-employee-coined word “delez,” using Romance language roots to signify “delicious.”

As a standalone company, the $35 billion global snacking company, with brands like Oreo, Ritz, Tang and Trident, will do at least 80 percent of its business outside of North America.

The name is subject to a shareholder vote in May (come on shareholders, reject this nonsense!), but the company has reserved the ticker “MDLZ” in the event of passage.



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