K-Fed’s “Rappin’ Patty” On Superbowl Sunday

The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.), in what may be a first for the paper, is running a piece on K-Fed.

Nationwide Mutual Insurance has tapped Kevin Federline, soon-to-be ex-husband of pop star Britney Spears, to star in its 30-second Super Bowl spot, a move that guarantees the insurer acres of free publicity.
The spot, which will run in the game’s third quarter, is set up to look like a rap video featuring Mr. Federline, wearing a baseball cap and wireless headset. Among the lyrics he raps: “Ain’t got no more time for Miss BS; and PS, now I’m rappin’ patty. Yeah number one. With a shimmy shake too…lovin’ that special sauce from me.”
As the camera pulls back, the punch line is revealed: Mr. Federline is seen working the drive-thru window at a fast-food joint. “Life comes at you fast. Be ready with a Nationwide annuity and you could be guaranteed income for life,” a voiceover intones.

Federlines also endorses the Five Star Vintage line by the San Francisco-based Blue Marlin clothing company.



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