Grim, Humorless Ad Age Review Attacks New Anti-Wal-Mart Film

A new movie called “Wal-Mart: The High-Cost of Low Price” is making the rounds at screenings primarily in churches and community centers across America. In a review that’s chock full of hyperbole, the movie gets a clear ‘thumbs-down’ from Ad Age:

Whether the movie gains the traction of a “Supersize Me” or Michael Moore’s “Roger & Me,” it will do so despite its untraditional distribution formula and its decidedly humorless tone, punctuated only by a few clips from “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” ruthlessly poking fun at Wal-Mart.
Mr. Greenwald’s film lobs many charges -– including many that have been contested and already reformed or legally settled by the retailer — but offers little in the way of new information.

I suppose the Ad Age reviewer was expecting a Mel Brooks-style romp through the world of big box domination, outsourcing and low wages. Kind of like “Springtime For Hitler” but with everyone in blue vests.
That there’s no new information in the film is hardly a surprise, but by screening the film in community centers and churches, what you have is a new way to get the message out and stimulate community discussion. A lot of big brands could learn that lesson.

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