GoDaddy To Promote .Co Domains (And Strong Women) During The Big Game

Does sex sell on Super Bowl Sunday?

Seems likes a question with one obvious answer, but not so fast. According to the research gurus at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, SuperBowl spots with sexual imagery take a 10% hit in “likability” vs. ads without racy images.

Naturally, GoDaddy’s Bob “You Still Awake?” Parsons has another story to tell.

“We are in a very weird moment in time, with daughters of feminists taking pole-dancing lessons,” offers Barbara Lippert, pop-culture guru at ad agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners. “Everyone is looking for fantasy, because reality is so cruel.”

Jillian Michaels, a.k.a. America’s toughest trainer, who stars in this year’s ad for GoDaddy along with race car driver Danica Patrick, says she’s baffled at the outrage at GoDaddy spots.

“People just love to bash GoDaddy ads,” she says, “but there’s nothing in the ads that exploits women.” Instead, Michaels insists, “The ads allow women to be strong, but still feminine and sexy.” What’s more, she points out, “We’re fully clothed the entire time.”



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