Giving Thanks, Courtesy Of Emmanuel

Like a lot of people, I take being an American for granted. We’ve got our share of problems here, but for some people it’s still a land of opportunity that they’re grateful for.
I learned that once again last week, when I shot and edited a video on behalf of Refguee Resettlement and Immigration Services of Atlanta (RRISA).

Emmanuel came to America last year, having spent much of his life in Tanzanian refugee camps. It took him 3 years to get the permission and such in order to come here.
I shot and edited this thing in 48 hours, having only used iMovie once before. I won’t win any awards for this like I would if I’d slapped a “lunchbox” sign on the side of a dumpster to raise awareness for homelessness. But that’s OK. A whole roomful of people clapped in appreciation when I showed them the final video. That’s gotta be worth something. Thanks to the folks at RRISA who gave me a chance to do something worthwhile and remind me that we live in a great country.
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