For Little Caesars, The Marketing Is A Bit On The Stale Side

There’s a Little Caesars up the road from me. And many times, I’ve gone in and gotten one of their $5 Hot n’ Ready Pizzas. It’s a good deal and it’s fairly tasty. But I’ve never, never felt like singing while walking out the door the way these folks do in the commercial that’s currently airing:

They’ve come a long way from their Cliff Freeman days. Anyone old enough to remember the 80’s and 90’s will remember the spots they used to run:

Look, times have changed. I get that. But if you were the CMO at Little Caesar’s, would you believe the spot on top is as memorable as the one on the bottom? Do today’s marketers even think about their brand’s history when evaluating work? Or do they simply rely on our collective short-term-only memory when creating new ads? To be fair, Little Caesars just hired Gerry Graf’s shop BFG 9000, so I suspect we’ll see a return to comical form.

And as a sidebar: How many times has someone licensed “Nobody But Me” for an ad? It’s gotta be a pretty high number.



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