Fallingwater Safe From Corporate Wrecking Ball (If BMW Has Anything To Say About It)

BMW has respect for iconoclasts.
According to Adweek, as part of its new “Ideas are everything” campaign from GSD+M, the German carmaker places value on the work of unconventional characters like Frank Lloyd Wright.

One ad shows corporate executives crushing their employees’ creative instincts with bromides such as “Choose your battles.”
In a spot that shows architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous “Waterfall House” being hit by a wrecking ball, the message is that corporate thinking has no respect for unconventional points of view. BMW, however, does, according to the ads, because it is not under the thumb of an enormous holding company like General Motors, Ford or DaimlerChrysler.

I doubt Wright would be pleased to learn his southwest Pennsylvania masterpiece is being used to move metal. But I’m glad to know, there is one automotive marketer who would not willfully destroy our architectural legacy.



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