Dave’s Redemption Is NW Bread Lovers’ Salvation

I picked up a loaf of Whole Grain Spelt bread made by Dave’s Killer Bread at the store on Friday. I didn’t look closely at the branding when I purchased it, but now that it’s home and I’m eating toast, I can see what a story Dave has to tell.
The Oregonian made a five minute video segment on Dave and his brother, Glenn, who heads up the family business, Nature Bake. Dave’s Killer Bread is a new Nature Bake brand.
It’s new because brother Dave was busy doing hard time for armed robbery and drug charges. Right on the packaging, it says, “I was a four-time loser before I realized I was in the wrong game.” Dave goes on to say a whole lot of suffering led to his recovery and choice to walk a healthier path.
Crosscut also published a nice article on Dave.

Now clean and sober, almost three years out of the joint, he’s at the helm of Dave’s Killer Bread and responsible for more than a dozen workers and 14,000 loaves a week of some of the best-tasting, healthiest bread to be found in these parts.

As for the good seed ancient grain bread I bought from Dave, it’s delicious.

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