Created By No Man’s Hands

Lewis Lazare is lovin’ the new pro-bono campaign from Y&R/Chicago (for good reason).

Sad to say, we live in a world where just about everything is deemed disposable. It’s all too easy to dump one thing and get something else, which usually means something more expensive and flashier. At least that’s the way it goes in America.
But in a blinding flash of creativity, Young & Rubicam/Chicago has come up with a fascinating way to remind readers that our country’s national parks most assuredly shouldn’t be thought of in the same manner we regard most objects in our disposable economy.
Y&R’s message is delivered in an elaborate and most unexpected public service print campaign called “Blueprints” for the Washington, D.C.-based National Parks Conservation Association, an organization with some 327,000 members working to protect and preserve our national parks.

In the group’s press release, NPCA Senior Director of Media Relations Andrea Keller Helsel noted, “Instead of depicting cute and cuddly wildlife, we are asking the reader to imagine the absurdity of having to recreate some of our national park icons. This new public service campaign is a real creative departure for NPCA from our previous print PSAs. It offers an exciting new way to talk about the critical threats facing our national parks, and how each of us can help.”



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