Patience Grasshoppa

Spike Jones at Brains On Fire has some great advise for those interested in providing and/or deploying word-of-mouth marketing. I think it’s important to keep in mind that this whole “Word of Mouth Marketing” thing is still in its baby stages. Anyone who tells you that they are an expert in WOMM is kidding themselves […]

Successful WOM Means No B.S.

John Moore considers Adweek’s report, Measuring Buzz. The major reason why word-of-mouth hasn’t taken off is not because marketers lack the metrics to measure it. It’s because most products, services, and businesses simply aren’t worth talking about. Johnnie Moore picks up on his thinking and adds to it. Most boring conversations are only a heartbeat […]

For An Exercise In Futility, Press 1

Today’s Common Sense Response To Corporate Stupidity (which results in the unsatisfying acronym CSRTCS, but I digress) is brought to you by the people who created this. A comprehensive list of codes to get around the “customer service” phone trees that permeate the increasingly annoying consumer landscape we all find ourselves in. It’s also a […]

Some Say Soda

Julia Set points to this “Pop” vs. “Soda” academic study. Using the World Wide Web to gather and process data from across English-speaking North America, Alan McConchie plotted the regional variations in the use of the terms “Pop” and “Soda” to describe carbonated soft drinks. One of the more interesting discoveries (for me at least) […]

Advertising Takes It On The Chin

The above graphic is being used to promote the Word of Mouth Marketing Association’s upcoming conference and new blog. And while it’s beyond obvious that advertising is a target of much scorn from just about every corner these days, is it not paradoxical that a group advocating one form of advertising is degrading the category […]

Sad Ballads Sell Tightey Whiteys

I would have never taken Lewis Lazare for a Southerner, nor a fan of country music, but his piece in today’s Sun Times reveals these personal truths. As it happens, Lazare rather likes the new Fruit of the Loom television from Richards Group. The new spot casts the familiar Fruit of the Loom icons, the […]

Stores Not Ads

Austin American-Statesman: On a recent episode of the HBO drama “Six Feet Under,” Brenda Chenowith, one of the main characters, told her husband, Nate Fisher, to pick up some soy milk at Whole Foods on his way home. In March, actress Sandra Bullock gushed about Whole Foods’ just-opened downtown Austin store on David Letterman’s late-night […]

We Interrupt This Blog

I just learned of today’s London terror attacks, not from MSM, but from Johnnie Moore’s blog. Images are already pouring in to Flickr.