Cinematic Quality Vodka

42Below vodka is “an independent spirit that admires your own.” That’s why they dreamed up OneDreamRush, a film project that brought 42 notable directors together to make 42 shorts, each 42 seconds in length. Each short deals with a dream that “continues to haunt, delight and inspire” the directors. Visit 42× for information on the […]

Content Investments Need Time To Mature

Adweek’s Brian Morrissey argues that “branded content has yet to take off” despite all the “hype, rounds of venture capital investment and a flurry of activity.” Mark Beeching, CCO at Digitas, which created a dedicated unit to produce branded content called The Third Act, said, advertisers have lurched from strategies that relied too heavily on […]

Can An Aspirational Web Character Sell Cognac in China?

According to The Wall Street Journal, “the line between advertisers and entertainment producers is rapidly blurring in China, as many brands go online with their own films and Web series, taking advantage of the shortage of popular shows on China’s state-controlled TV.” Among the latest to jump on the bandwagon is French liquor company Pernod […]

No Room At Bonnaroo For Verizon’s Network

AT&T’s live stream from Bonnaroo is a best-in-class example of brand-sponsored content. I just watched Animal Collective and later today I’ll drop back in to see Galactic perform. also offers a stream from Radio Bonnaroo, 101.5 fm. Neither match the experience of being in Manchester, TN but I appreciate the offerings all the same.

Diller Disses “Internet Approach to Advertising”

The Web properties belonging to Barry Diller’s Interactive Corporation received 835 million visits across its network in April from roughly 194 million uniques. IAC is a company rolling in page views, serving huge audiences and yet they struggle to figure out how to make money. Here’s an excerpt from a Paid Content interview that touches […]

Nestea Plunges Into Web Series Product Placement

BrandFreak and The Hollywood Reporter are both pointing to a new branded entertainment deal between Nestea (a Coca-Cola product) and NBC Universal Digital Studio. The companies are teaming up on a “CTRL” a new Web series based on Robert Kirbyson’s Sundance short “CTRL Z.” Nestea, which was not involved in the initial short, is helping […]

The Transport Mechanism Is A Go. Now Load Your Premium Content And Charge For it.

John Malone, chairman of Liberty Media Corp.–which owns cable channels, satellite-television operator DirecTV and baseball’s Atlanta Braves–sat down with Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal recently to discuss some pressing topics in the communications industry. Here’s a slice of their discussion: MR. MOSSBERG:Tell me why nobody offers me, through a traditional cable or satellite […]

Sapient Forms In-House Broadcast Production Group

Content is on the rise in marcom circles. Just yesterday, I wrote, “I believe content is attractive to customers and prospects precisely because it’s not a commercial” in response to Lux Shampoo’s long-form ad. But that’s not an opinion I share with Sapient Entertainment’s new Director of Entertainment and Executive Producer, Jim Houck. Houck doesn’t […]