Diller Disses “Internet Approach to Advertising”

The Web properties belonging to Barry Diller’s Interactive Corporation received 835 million visits across its network in April from roughly 194 million uniques. IAC is a company rolling in page views, serving huge audiences and yet they struggle to figure out how to make money. Here’s an excerpt from a Paid Content interview that touches […]

Nestea Plunges Into Web Series Product Placement

BrandFreak and The Hollywood Reporter are both pointing to a new branded entertainment deal between Nestea (a Coca-Cola product) and NBC Universal Digital Studio. The companies are teaming up on a “CTRL” a new Web series based on Robert Kirbyson’s Sundance short “CTRL Z.” Nestea, which was not involved in the initial short, is helping […]

The Transport Mechanism Is A Go. Now Load Your Premium Content And Charge For it.

John Malone, chairman of Liberty Media Corp.–which owns cable channels, satellite-television operator DirecTV and baseball’s Atlanta Braves–sat down with Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal recently to discuss some pressing topics in the communications industry. Here’s a slice of their discussion: MR. MOSSBERG:Tell me why nobody offers me, through a traditional cable or satellite […]

Sapient Forms In-House Broadcast Production Group

Content is on the rise in marcom circles. Just yesterday, I wrote, “I believe content is attractive to customers and prospects precisely because it’s not a commercial” in response to Lux Shampoo’s long-form ad. But that’s not an opinion I share with Sapient Entertainment’s new Director of Entertainment and Executive Producer, Jim Houck. Houck doesn’t […]

Beauty Doesn’t Come In A Bottle

With Lux Shampoo, Unilever is striving to make beauty available to all women. To achieve their mission, the global packaged goods concern is turning to the star power of Catherine Zeta-Jones in a Hollywood-like production. According to Brand Republic, the short, “Alchemist,” was created by JWT from an original screenplay by Jeffrey Caine, who also […]

Narcissus Would Have Drowned In His Profile

Author and New York Times Magazine columnist, Rob Walker, is having a reaction to the glut of self-promotion unleashed daily in the social space. After reading this piece in Fortune where the writer says, “I have literally been Facebooking and Twittering (some say frittering) all my content away!” Walker offers this meditation on the state […]

News You Can Use

I like to hear what Nick Denton of Gawker Media has to say. The guy pulls no punches, and he often delivers the exact insight into digital publishing that I’m looking for. Let’s examine one of the nuggets he just shared with Michael Learmonth of Ad Age: When Gawker started, there was a surfeit of […]

How Do You “Wire” A Paper Product? (More Thoughts About Content Packaging And Pricing)

Stephanie Clifford of The New York Times takes a careful look at Wired, the magazine’s present difficulties and its enigmatic leader, Chris “Long Tail” Anderson. In 2006, Mr. Anderson published “The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More,” arguing that the Internet allows for the sale of an array of […]