Newsday Says Their Content Is Good Enough To Pay For

Newsday, the Long Island newspaper, is about to put a pay wall in place, according to The New York Times. And a spendy wall at that. The paper, owned by Cablevision, plans to charge $5 a week, or about $260 a year (Cablevision customers will get the subscription for free). The Wall Street Journal is […]

The Better The Editor, The Better

Sean Blanda of eMedia Vitals is looking at the how editors are still a vital component of the media business, despite reports to the contrary. “Aggregation is just bringing stuff together, just collecting stuff and laying it out there. We used to do that more in the old days,” says Mindy McAdams, an online journalism […]

Will Write, Edit And Produce For A 10 Spot Or Two (Not!)

“Fortune swims, not with the main stream of letters, but in the shallows, where the suckers moon.” –A.J. Liebling Wired is running a feature on Demand Media, a content mill that produces a deluge of articles and videos everyday in order to eek pennies in ad revenue from each. Lots and lots of pennies, I […]

Data Might Open A Door, But It’s Going To Take More Than Data To Be Invited In

Accenture, the management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company that pays Tiger Woods to be its spokesman is now entering a relationship with Adchemy, a Silicon Valley digital marketing company. According to New York Times: Adchemy is one of several ambitious young companies trying to employ cutting-edge computing techniques — including machine learning, statistical inference […]

Consistently Great Episodes Are The Deepest of Hooks

According to Variety, online chatter about TV shows is forming an all important “viral watercooler” effect coveted by studios and their PR teams. Thanks to the Internet, a show’s shelf-life now extends days after an episode’s premiere for shows that lend themselves to obsessive online discussion and analysis. …nowadays episode recaps for series like “Mad […]

What Will Come From Tyree’s Palette?

A new media baron is about to born on the Third Coast. His name is James Tyree. Tyree, 51, is chairman of Mesirow Financial and scheduled to be the next owner of the Chicago Sun-Times and its 58 suburban newspaper titles. “Media kingpins aren’t what they used to be, but Tyree said he’s not content […]

Restrictions Apply

Big Dog Eat Child is a sketch comedy troupe from Alsip, Illinois. They’re also the team that’s responsible for the Water Werks commercial above. While the homage to SNL appears to be in jest, it’s actually a real commercial for a real client with real boats for sale–a fact which makes this spot richer than […]

Media Arts Is Content By Another Name

Alex Bogusky keeps bringin’ it on his new blog-like thing and I keep saying, “Yep, right, uh huh.” …every day what we do becomes more like the movie and television business. For some of you the lines may have blurred between what you do and the publishing business. And if you are on the cutting […]